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01 - How to select the relay module?

Regarding to the relay module, we have two main series, G2R & G6D series and the selection guide are as below:


G2R Series >>

G6D Series >>

02 - How to select the interface module?

You could see the select guide chat as below:

03 - How to select the cable assembly?

You could see the select guide chat as below:

04 - What are the main characteristics of bore integrated interface modules?

(1.) Based on user experience for innovation

(2.) Focus on each key component functional ability and compatibility

(3.) Highly and widely flexible application

(4.) Compatibly applied on up to 18 different brands PLCs

(5.) Price and quality, have it both ways

05 - What’s the effect by using bore integrated interface modules?

Through bore products and techniques, it effectively reduces the space usage of distribution box; significantly saves time & labor & money costs; more important is easy for maintenance without large amount expense.

06 - What are other more industries or facilities that bore integrated interface modules could be applied on?

Regarding to product application, as long as the facilities/products introduced into automation controlling system such as PLCs all are adaptable for bore products application; for example, machine tools, semi-conductor, SMT/PCB, panel, printing, plastic & rubber hydraulic, food packing, vibration feeding assembly, hydraulic, factory controlling system, building automation system (BAS), etc. 

07 - Does bore provide distribution engineering integration project?

As far, bore temporarily only provides some certain customers for distribution engineering integration projects. If you need further relating information, the contact windows of project service are pleased to provide consultation and suggestion.

08 - Where are bore product made in?

From design to assembling, all bore products are made from Taiwan; as for the relays and terminal blocks of several brands are imported from their own belonged companies.

09 - What’s the office hour for product services? How to ask for repairing services?

Office hour is 08:00 ~ 17:30 from Mon. to Fri.

You can ask for the repairing services by online and phone application.

We provide 1-year warranty product service; if any malfunction occurs not caused by improper operation, please feel free to contact us by the following accesses and to apply for repairing.


Repairing Service number: +886-4-2380-9449

Repairing online application: 

10 - How to ask for product replacement?

You can ask for the repairing services by online and phone application. There’ a notice is replacement service is only provided for standards products; the customized products cannot be entitled this service.


Repairing Service number: +886-4-2380-9449

11 - How long is warranty?

The warranty is 12-month term from the date of delivery. Within warranty period, we provide free repairing services for those malfunctions caused under general condition; if caused by improper operation, we would charge techniques and materials fees depending on damage status.

12 - What’s the way of delivery?

Our cooperating freight forwarders are HCT Logistics and Taiwan Post; meanwhile, we also have designated personnel responsible for part of goods delivery.

13 - We are foreign customers, do you provide oversea delivery services?

Yes. We’re pleased to build the cooperation with foreign customers. Regarding to the way of delivery, we provide air freight; if you have cooperated forwarders, we could adjust with your requests.

14 - If I want to know the further information of products, where can I get the related data?

On the “Support” page of website, we provides data download service of products specification, features, illustrations, and catalogs; besides, you can write down your requirements through the “online inquiry service”, then our service team will contact with you. Or you can directly mail us and we’re pleased to reply to you! 

15 - What should I do while downloading data without authorized permission?

You can apply for download permission by filling forms of the following page!

16 - How can I contact with you while I want to buy products?

You can write down your requirements on the inquiry form as well as contact us by phone!

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